Sunday, January 5, 2014

Why I'm dropping the need to be more intentional from my thoughts

Kids go to bed.
I mentally beat myself up for not being more present.
Next day.

But what if this mental beat up isn't from a place of conviction but a place of comparison. Because all the other mommas are focusing on being more present, more intentional. What if...
Then it becomes another lie I'm just feeding myself. That I'm not being a good enough mom.

Truth is I'm never going to be intentional enough. I won't live up to my comparison of other mommas, or some idealistic mom I see in a movie. 

But He is. My God is more than enough for me and them. He is intentional, when I fail [daily] to be. He loves me intentionally & He loves them intentionally. 

Instead I will enjoy my time tweeting for me & for Thrive & Oasis. I will enjoy finding new recipes and scripture and clothing I'll never own on Pinterest. I will be filled with grace filled words on blog posts. 

Because the internet is real. People are real. And when community is hard & difficult & scary it's ok to start learning online. 

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