Monday, February 3, 2014

February Inspiration

///Mom Sets The Tone -- it's so easy to feel like I'm a drowning in all the things and the truth is when life and our home feels yuck, God has given me a special place and gift to change it. Can we all say dance party?!

///Rest -- I found this picture of these cozy socks on Over Come The Lie's pinterest. I'm a cozy sock type girl & sometimes I need reminded that rest is good. The good work comes out of that good rest.

///Community -- being alone is not good for my soul. Not sharing my story is not good, not asking for prayer is not good, not letting others know when I'm struggling and just need a good word is not ok. Open, reach out.

///Continue the hard work -- some days it's hard. The getting up. The being mom. The stretching in marriage. The fight in my soul. Winter is tough. But continue. Don't give up.

///Sparkle -- I can't sparkle like you & you can't sparkle like me, but I'm learning I need to start dreaming. That dreaming is part of living and sparkle makes me think of big, innovative, crazy dreams.

///Color -- I like the mini arrows & all the beautiful colors, nothing much to explain here

///Ditching The Quiet Time -- if you're a mom you need to read this. While I still value and am trying to get back to a better quiet time, this helped to remind me that God should be in all the things throughout the day

///Elliptical -- I never used it before because my toes would always go numb, I have learned to remind myself to not grab with my toes and move my feet back and now my toes don't go numb and I am loving the workout that comes out of using the elliptical

///You Are Beautiful -- because sometimes I forget and most days I don't believe 

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  1. love this post - it's great how you put all your inspiration for the month in one post. What a great idea!