Sunday, February 9, 2014


It's cold.
And in Ohio, so dreary.
Lacking of the sun.
Or the ability to play outside and feel the warmth on your skin.
Days stuck inside.
And it all starts to weigh heavy.
My spirit goes down the drain.
The heaviness on my shoulders & in my heart seems to be slowly crushing me.
But I won't stop the struggle.
I won't give up & let it eat me alive.
The panic attacks that leave me breathless.
The numbness.
And then the crying.
It will all pass.
It always passes.

But in the middle when the struggle is real
I'm thankful for people who speak life into me, God's closeness, being able to receive that warm blanket of His word, hot coffee & making out with my husband, hey, let's get real, making out helps.


  1. I feel ya on the winter emotions! And the last sentence....haha! Perfection!

    1. Can be done with this winter silliness yet?!

  2. lol, making out helps. so funny! spring will soon come, but i totally hear ya on the winter dread. trying to fight it too.