Wednesday, March 12, 2014

5 random facts about me

1. I make a "Windau face" 
If I had a picture I would show you & if you have ever met me in real life you know what I'm talking about. Windau face is this certain face I make when I'm concerntrating or nervous, most of the time I don't even recognize I'm doing it. (Windau is my maiden name, the people in my family do it, I guess the stupid face is hereditary --- yes I still hate & hope one day I can learn to accept it as a beautiful part of me)

2. When I write blog posts on a certain word like grace for example I like to look the word up in the (interenet) dictionary. I feel reading the whole meaning of the word makes it come alive.

3. I love doing laundry, which most of you know, but I hate ironing my husband's clothes, because those are the only clothes I ever iron. I would rather scrub toilets, do dishes or clean baseboards than have to iron, BUT I have found a silver lining, it's a great time to pray.

4. When I was little I needed braces on my legs because I walked with my feet turned in. I guess my screaming & crying about the leg braces bothered my dad so I didn't use them. When I was older, like 2nd grade, my mom would practice walking with me. Even now when I'm tired my feet will turn in while I'm walking

5. I was born almost a month late. My due date was July 15th and I came by emergency c-section August 9th. 


  1. You know what - I almost had to have braces on my feet when I was young because my one foot was born almost straight. The Dr. said it was because I was 2 weeks late.

  2. i look up the definitions of words all the time!! and i also love laundry! we're twins.