Saturday, March 8, 2014

Thrive Moms Retreat


I started reading Kara Kae's blog around 2 years ago & thought she's doing this motherhood thing right. She loves those girls so much but she is honest with her struggles. She encourages mothers and there is no mama wars on her blog.

I started following Nathalie's it seems like forever ago. I know it wasn't, but she was one of the first I started following when I started my blog.

These are two of the several women that I saw something special in the christian online world. They weren't trying to prove that how they mothered was the correct way, but instead shared their stories. 

And out of God seeing a need, a whisper & a beautiful friendship Thrive Moms was born. 
And I feel so stinkin lucky to be a part of it. 

Mamas, this life is tough. Being married is tough. Raising littles is tough. Keeping Jesus the focus of it all is tough. Being friends with other moms is tough. Emotions are tough. Keeping a home in order is tough. Schedules are tough.

This ministry is just that. A ministry for YOU.
Every Monday a newsletter is emailed to you ---- subscribe for it (NOW) here & it is always full of life giving words. You are not going to end that newsletter feeling the need to make big changes, you are not going to feel beat down, you are not going to feel like you are royally screwing up your littles, but you will be filled with encouragement. 

And on May 3rd 
Thrive Moms is having their first Virtual Retreat.
It's a conference for the moms. 
And bonus it's FREE -- we all know mamas love that four letter word.
And we want YOU there. 
You can sit in your pjs with a hot cup of coffee while your littles run around.

It doesn't matter if you've been a mama for 20 years or 20 minutes. We want you there.
If you are a mama to be, we want you there too.

Our guest speakers are Jessi Connolley from Naptime Diaries, Jessica Thompson, co-author of Give Them Grace and Amy Groeschel

Don't forget to register for the retreat ---->>

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