Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter is for lovers

It's been heavy.
It's been mournful.
Thinking of the events that took place and why.
The extra emotions that make us feel all the feelings.
But Sunday is coming.
(And for us it's Saturday night)
And I cannot help but be crying joyful for the lives that will change.
That this story we go over every year isn't just a story.
It's real & it changes lives.
It sets people free.
It redeems relationships.
It shouts LOVE in the most major way.
And I cannot wait tonight to celebrate with the new believers.
To cry with them.
It's too easy for people to look at a church building with negative feelings, but tonight & tomorrow morning there will be those people walking in, trying once more. Having shaky faith that maybe this time it will be different. Friends, let's show them the love. Let's wrap them up & let them hear without fear, without shame that they are loved. That He died for them. That forgiveness & freedom is for them.

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