Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Foster Care & your bio kids

When we started talking to our family & friends about the possibility of becoming foster parents a question was always asked in regards to Olivia, Alex & Addison.
"Why would you do that to your kids?"
"How are you going to foster with your own kids?'
"How do they feel about it"


To be honest, that first question was asked more than once and every time it's asked I have to keep my arm from releasing the full force I'm feeling inside. But the truth is foster care in so many aspects is not a positive thing.
God did not design us to have our children taken & he did not design for siblings to be torn apart. 
This is not His design, but it happens. A LOT.

I tweeted out that today I was going to write about foster care because when you have been severely neglecting your blog you have to force yourself to sit & write. 

Question : How do you help your bio littles understand that a placement can be short or long term? 
For Alex & Olivia, who are 7 years old, we can sit them down and explain, but the easiest way for them to understand has been to experience. We are currently in our longest placement so far, 5 weeks. They've only had to adjust after respit and 2 short placements. When you step into foster care you learn early on this is a road set up for heartbreak. Your children will not be exempt from this. Trust God. He has your heart in His hands along with your bio children. 

Question 2: How do you introduce your foster children when people ask "are they all yours?" 
This one can be a little tricky, with your family & friends you can share that they are your foster children, but legally, people outside don't get that same advantage. Also when children come into your home your heart does this crazy thing where it falls in love with children you did not carry or birth or nurse or scold or...... You fall in love. So in your heart & with that paperwork it says for this season yes they are all yours. 

"If only for a short time" -The Odd Life of Timothy Green

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