Monday, April 14, 2014

Refresh Monday

God does care about your past. So often we here the phrase "God doesn't care about your past" goes along with "only God can judge me" But I believe He does care about my past and your past. He cares about the storms you've gone through. He cares about the shoes you've had to walk in. He cares about the pains you should have never had to deal with. He cares about the struggles. He cares because He can use anything that satan means for evil and make it good. He can take those pains and use them for His glory. He does care. He cares when you royally screw up your marriage and when you choose your body over your baby and when you have choose drugs over your family. He cares because He wants to use those trials for His good. To show His goodness in repairing your marriage, to give redemption to the baby now in heaven & to prove that He can heal an addicted individual.

Don't hide from your past. Don't hide from your mistakes. God sees them & He forgives you. Not only does He forgive you but He is the only person who will never throw those bad choices in your face. He will not use them to get ahead in an argument. He loves you more than that. 

He does care about your past. He sees it & He sees how it can be used for good. 


  1. great word this morning. loved this.

  2. This is one of my favorite scriptures! Yes He does care! He would rather that you follow Him and not have to go through tough times - but He is able and willing to take all of those bad things and make them work out for your good! He loves to get the glory and loves to get the praise! He is so amazing!