Thursday, May 29, 2014

Let's throw in the towel tired mamas

Dear mama trying to hold it all together.
To do it all.
Dear mama trying to reach ridiculous standards.
To the mom who is crying cleaning because you're just so overly tired.

Stop. Stop it all.
Take a nap, a bath, paint your toe nails, play with chalk outside, jump on the trampoline.

Because those standards in our heads will always put us below the line. 

I had a realization this week. I can't do it all. I will try and clean when I'm actually home. I'll work hard & seek joy. We'll make the appointments. I'll meal plan. I'll smile & sometimes crazy dance.

But there are days when I'm just going to need to nap.
That this house will look like a zoo has trampled through because there are SEVEN people living here.

I can't do it all. I can't. It's impossible. I can't expect that every room looks immaculate. 

/////This new realization will be so sad for our teen & 7 year old twins when I start packing on actual chores. Because I'm such a control freak I've wanted to do it all. But I'm throwing in the towel.////

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