Sunday, May 4, 2014

The lie of a magical childhood

I was having a day. My kids had me completely exhausted. And I saw THIS post shared all over facebook. I read it, and said, yes I'm sick of it. I'll never be the mom that creates spectacular birthday parties, who celebrates 1/2 birthdays with mini cupcakes or uses the creepy elf on the shelf.

But the truth is. I do want my kids to have a magical childhood. I am a woman who loves surprises and doesn't want to know the ending to the book. I love watching magic shows and you better not tell me how the tricks work. I love watching the sunrise. I love the light in kids eyes when they see Santa in the parade. I am a magical being. I love the awe & the unknown. 

I do want my kids to have a magical childhood, because not all do. I want kids who are not my biological kids to have a magical time here because I don't know how long we will have them. I want to be able to take our kids to Disney World because all the movies come to life and it's magical. I want my kids to be filled with surprise at life. 

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