Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What I learned from the seeded grapes

I washed the grapes, dried them and removed each and every beautiful grape from the vines & then into the growing old tupperware. The toddlers were at my ankles crying to eat them. Thankfully it was almost lunch time. They were so happy when I finally sat them in their high chairs, with the animal plates filled with said grapes, goldfish crackers, apples, cheese & raisins (yes I know...) I then took a grape and ate it. SEEDS. What? The Kroger sign said seedless. I then took the grapes from the toddlers which if you have toddlers know how that scene went. Took the cutting board out and got to work. Frustrated, I knew I could learn something here. So I prayed, God what can I learn from this?

We are just like those seeded grapes. I am just like that grape. At times the sins can seem so small, so unimportant. But can be choked in the throat. My sins, I can push the "little" ones aside, because sheesh I'm not cheating on my husband or using heroine. But the truth is sin is sin. We humans like to judge them on some invisible scale of what sins are ok and what sins we should degrade others over. But anything that separates us from God is sin. And just like those little seeds our "little" sins can really cause a problem. 

What has God taught you this week with something as simple as cutting seeds out?

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  1. Dang girl, speaking to my heart! Sin IS sin, and I never want to reach a place of complacency, feeling satisfied with my "level" of sin. Nope, no bueno.