Friday, June 20, 2014

If you want to know how a child is placed.

Pretend case so you know how it works from where we sit.


1. A call is made to children services about --- let's go with possible abuse.
2. The person answering will determine if this needs immediate action, within the next 2 days or next week.
3. A worker goes to a home to assess what is going on. They can decide that the child or children need to have an emergency removal, work with the family unit is needed or they see no cause for concern.
4. Let's say emergency removal is needed. //// The worker explains why the child (or children) is being removed. 
5. The parent has the option to pack up things for them, this often happens in the form of a trash bag.
6. The child or children are taken to the children services office.
7. Emails and calls are made
8. Our agency calls us with referral. The worker will explain what county the child is from, their age, situation and any known medical & behavioral issues.
9. At that point the ball is in our court to say yes or no.
10. Let's say we say yes.
11. The agency worker then sends our home study & all our information to the county worker on the case.
12. The worker then has the responsibility to place the child with one of the families from the yeses.
13. If the child is placed in our home, our agency or the county worker calls, depending on the county (from our experience)
14. We prepare. We explain to our children who is coming and share as much information as age appropriate for them.
15. Then the child or children arrive. It's important to be welcoming but not too much. To remember this is scary for them.
16. Newness begins. New members of the family. New struggles. New routines. New blessings. 

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  1. I love your heart for foster care. And, just your heart in general. <3