Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Laughter brings the joy.

At the beginning of the year God was calling me to joy.
I lived a life of frustration and a bad attitude often.
Life isn't always rainbows & butterflies, but my hope is in Jesus, not in the earthly struggles. 

I started my journey with joy.
It has been hard. Really hard. At times I've thought I will just always be that person that oozes of frustration, a negative attitude & tension. 

Today I took Doug to Michel Tire to pick up the second new tire in a little over a week. (Sidenote: I'm not sure if it's all Michel Tires or just this one we went to, but they have the best service we've ever had in a tire store!!) After we got the tire, we headed over to the Speedway the Probe was at. Doug went to put the tire on and the jack somehow moved and bent in the part of the car where it was. Next we had to find the jack in the Denali, thank heavens for youtube, seriously though! Then we (by we I mean Doug did it & I watched) put the other jack under the car and started to lift it. At this point it started pouring. Like serious pouring. Like one of those downpours where you stand there in awe of how hard it's raining. 

I laughed throughout the whole time. I was able to laugh instead of being frustrated. I was able to life than be annoyed that I was wet. I was able to laugh that even though I had a list of things that needed to be done, I was spending extra time with my husband. I was able to laugh knowing this is part of being an adult & taking care of the things we've been blessed with. That this means, we have two cars. 

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