Wednesday, June 25, 2014


This morning I sat at the island, trying to catch up on blogs. Sometimes reading others words is healing. Sometimes you think "if I could formulate words a little better, I so could have written that post" which this morning was this one from (in)courage

When I finished going through the posts that sparked my interest, I'm sorry, that's just the season I'm in. I am not longer able to read through all of my feed. I asked Olivia what I should write about because she was sitting at the island with me, in typical 7 year old fashion she said "me!" 

That's my Olivia Katelyn. 
She is a twin to that cutie beside her. 
She will be 8, E I G H T, next month.
She is so much like me that sometimes we bash heads.
She is full of life. She goes through life by the beat of her own drum. She's imaginative & dreamy. 
She is so girly. She loves pink & glitter & disney princesses. 
She can go from happy to moody pre-pre-teen in about 5 seconds flat.
She is giving. She serves well.
She is such a little momma, sometimes I have to remind her that I'm actually mom & she needs to not worry about mom things with other children in our lives.
On that note, she will be the best babysitter you'll ever have. One day. When I decided she's old enough.
She tends to be fearful but seeks Jesus when she is.
She has a heart for prayer & often can not go to bed or try new things until she has prayed.
She will not do anything until she's good and ready to. 
She pushes me to love deeper, enjoy life more & not to be afraid of my emotions.

I love this little lady. Some days it scares me to be here momma. But gosh, what a joy & a gift she is daily. 

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