Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer 2014

Summer 2014 has started off so lovely. Both Alex & Liv have finally learned to ride their bikes without training wheels within 2 days. We have gone swimming, played past dark. Have the dreaded bug bites. Been sunkissed. The freckles have come out in full force as they do every summer. Before school let out I wanted this summer to be fun. I have day I have to remind me that summer is for fun, but mostly making the choice to have fun is making this summer already better than any other summer. 

My summer bucket list: 
-Survive June. We have a lot of birthdays in June. 6 to be exact. 
-Not get lobster fried. It seems to happen every year, you know the burn where you feel like you can't move or sleep or breath. 
-That no one dies. But seriously, we plan on going on lots of bike rides, staying out in the dark summer nights and going swimming.

That's my list. Those are the things. Everything else are bonuses. 

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