Friday, August 15, 2014

The pink pants

A little over a year ago my husband's grandma took my sister in law & me to tjmaxx to pick out a few things. Somehow Sierra, my sister in law, talked me into getting some bright pink yoga pants. I mean, they are fun. I brought them home. I tried them once. Oh no no no. Big girls should not wear bright colors. And not just a big girl, but girls, like me where their booty has it's own gravitational force. So the pants have just waited, sitting up on the shelf.

But yesterday my normal running pants were in the wash. The bright pink pants just stared at me, silently saying "just wear me"

And so I did.

And guess what? I loved them. They are so nice to run in!
So this big girl is going to keep wearing these bright pink pants. 

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