Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A few tips from one foster mama to a newbie

1. Learn to go with the flow. Sometimes lunch looks like grabbing food from mcdonalds after therapy while trying to get to the next appointment.

2. There are all types of books & blog posts about "How to be ready" read those but know curveballs come & just like everything else in life, you'll never be truly ready

3. There are hard days. Like so hard you're not sure if you can make it. Keep going. Joy is coming.

4. There are days that make you feel like you were made for this. This is your thing. Sit there, enjoy it, savor it.

5. Be ready for the "my mom does it this way" type phrases, they are not always meant to hurt you, sometimes this is just how children say "I just want my mom right now"

////Any questions? If I can I'd love to answer them for you.

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  1. Have you had to let them go back? How difficult was that? I'm guessing extremely, but is it possible? I think my heart would be too broken. Do you try to not fall in love with the kids in case they are taken back?