Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Childen + Chores

So I bombed that whole blogging thankfulness for 27 days. It sounded like a great idea, but when day 2 came, I couldn't come up with something to write about. Yes, there are a lot of things I'm thankful for that popped into my head. But nothing that made me want to write. To expand. Actually on day two it was Orphan Sunday. I was all in my emotions, believing adoption isn't for me. Believing orphan care isn't for me. What a load of crap, seriously. 

So that whole writing for 27 days on thankfulness, it's just not going to happen. But I am going to share about how my home is picked up every single night & I have gone crazy.

When we had Alex & Olivia something I thought often was "I can't be that stay at home mom that is always exhausted & picks up after everyone"
Except....that's exactly what happened. 
The idea of chores is nice, but I'm terrible with follow through (ehem...27 days of blogging)
Finally my husband had enough of me going non stop & crying because I wanted to sit & relax but every time I tried I would see something (usually lots of somethings) that needed to be done. 

Children + chores.
It's a good thing.
And guess what? They're even helping each other out.
We have assigned each older child a room. We have 3 rooms on our main floor: the kitchen, the tv area & toy area. Each older child has a room. 

They are doing chores. I'm not exhausting myself. And I'm finding myself cuddling with my husband more. 


  1. How old are your children? What age did you start this? I have a three year old and a 19 mo old and the three year old has no desire to help me, no matter how "fun" I try to make it... Suggestions? :)

    1. My kids are all older doing the chores: 17, and twins that are 8. We have the 3 and 2 year old pick up one type of toy, like the cars or blocks or books.