Thursday, December 11, 2014

No advent dailies for us

We have skipped the advent craziness this year.
No we haven't skipped celebrating Jesus.
The past 3 years I have days planned out, those things that kinda make moms heads explode yet fill them up because of the joy on their kiddos faces.
This year we skipped.
Because sometimes holidays are hard.
Having to celebrate when all a child wants for Christmas is to be back home with mom means we can't put it in their faces daily.
So we're taking a break from the everyday & just letting this month go as it may.
We're listening to Christmas music & watching Christmas movies.
We decorated.
We're not missing a beat.
But I knew this year, I had to step back.
Heartbreak with children is such a tricky thing.
Holidays are brutal.
Hope is still alive.

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