Wednesday, January 28, 2015

My still in the program review // 21 day fix

There were two major not so positive thoughts when I received my 21 Day Fix challenge pack

1. Shakeology -- is it really worth the money & how am I suppose to actually drink this stuff?
2. The containers -- no way, I am going to be starving

So for starters the Shakeology. I ordered vegan chocolate because I asked my instagram friends and that was the one most of the commentors liked, so that's what I went with. I tried a shake when it first arrived. Disgusting. Yep, I basically had to force it down. What I've learned is that it is super healthy & I haven't been used to the taste of super healthy. Also you have to try different thing with it. I found my perfect mix. 

PB&J (it's in the book) 8-10 ounces of water, 3 ice cubes, 3 frozen strawberries, 1 teaspoon of pb (right now I am loving The Bees Knees peanut butter) & 1 scoop of shakeology.

Now I love it. I seriously crave this. I have it every morning after my workout. 

The cost. I still think it's pricey. Worth it? Yes, I think so. I feel like I cannot give a clear answer just yet.

The containers. This is what I've learned. Eating good foods makes me fuller and not craving foods alllllllll day. Before I could eat so often and still feel hungry & unsatisfied. Now? I'm not hungry. I have only had two days where I felt hungry. H O R M O N E S. Just when it was the awful time of month did I feel hungry. Every other day I have been fine. But it's the choice to eat the good foods. To eat the broccoli instead of the ice cream sitting in the freezer.

So far my review. I plan to do another round & yes I recommend it. Highly. The workouts are great. There are a lot of new and different moves that really get your muscles going. BUT the gold of the program is the nutrition part. 

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