Wednesday, February 24, 2016

To the man at chick fil a

To the man in chick fil a.
I know, you don't know her story.
You see a mom + a baby with lots of other mom and kids around.
When the other kids got there and tried to hug her & hold her.
She started crying.
Your reaction was "oh, it's not so bad."
I know you were just trying to be friendly.
I know you just saw a mom and her baby.

But that precious brown baby actually does have it that bad.
This precious baby's life has been turned upside down.
Those kids that she saw every day of her life she has now only seen 3 times since December 9th.
Those kids who should bring her so much joy are confusing her.
Those kids with the very odd interactions.

She does have it that bad.
But you don't know.

I just smiled and nodded but really I wanted to lay it all out for you.
I wanted to explain that not all children get to stay with their mommy + daddy and sometimes other mommys + daddys have to step in.
I wanted to explain the messiness of foster care. To explain that at times it's super hard to pray for bio mom. That some caseworkers will turn a blind eye to obvious matters. That sometimes the people who should be fighting for the children seem to be fighting for politics. That sometimes you'll have a caseworker that makes you believe in humanity again. That.....that you have no idea what you're saying sir.

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