Thursday, January 12, 2017

Yes + Storm

I was driving home from bible study
with that Kohls bag sitting there.
I was taking the clothes back that my husband asked me to return.
Clothes that didn't fit right and one sweater that made me wonder if Douglas knows I'm not 48.
I was ready to be home, but you know that Kohls bag sitting there.
So Addie and I headed to Kohls for the very quick return.
And a possible purchase of a $4 Clifford and the $2 Clifford Goes To Kindergarten book.
As we were heading out, much quickly than I anticipated
I walked outside and it was pouring.
Addie and I ran giggling to the car.
I started driving 
thinking I wish I wasn't drenched right now and if I had just gone straight home we'd be dry.
That's when I started thinking about that dreaded submission word.
It was like a picture of submission with God.
Sometimes when God asks something of us, asking us to obey
It doesn't make the days, months or years easier.
Sometimes the storms come with a yes
But eventually the storm clouds fade away and the sun shine through
and you're able to take a long needed breathe.
You're alive, you survived.
A little tattered, a little more light shining through the broken spaces.
Yeses aren't easy. 
But the yeses God asks of us are so beyond worth the broken. 

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