Thursday, August 23, 2012

The first day

Morning started with me waking up at 6am, instead of when my alarm was set to go off at 6:30. I played on the ipad for a bit then got up to make pancakes. First day of school deserves something more than cereal right?!!

These little guys were waiting for them - pancakes with bananas and peaches, yum is right! 

I was surprised when Olivia was the first to come downstairs. She's usually the one who sleeps in the latest. Most mornings not waking until after 8:30 but she was so excited. She told me she just couldn't sleep. Then she was sent to wake up the boy. She woke him quickly by telling him the bus was here, silly girl!!

Having football the night before makes for a tired boy early in the morning. 

They were so excited they could barely eat. Usually these kids can eat 2 pancakes but on yesterday they couldn't even finish one. Talk about excited kiddos. 

OH boy, was this little lady not so excited about waking up so early. 

And then the traditional first day of school pictures:

Because a little girl needs a braid and ribbon the first day :]

Dad of course did his hair

My twinies - time just goes by so quickly. So quickly. I don't think parents every truly get over fast time goes with children. Even when you try and soak it all up it seems to flash by in the blind of an eye.

And of course had to have one with lil sis.

Waiting at the bus stop for bus #4

And there they go.

Big stuff.
I waited until they pulled away before I allowed the tears to flow over.
But they did.
I stopped them shortly after getting inside. 

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