Wednesday, September 5, 2012

20 Chore Tuesday

My list for Tuesday was:

1) Wash, dry and put away towels from kids bathroom
2) Clean out the fridge
3) Clean kitchen
4) Sweep kitchen
5) Mop kitchen
6) Clean powder room
7) Clean sliding door
8) Devotions
9) Sweep front door area
10) Mop front door area
11) Vacuum stairs
12) Dishes
13) Alex's practice and game jersey and pants washed dried and put away
14) Clean master bedroom closet
15) Clean master bedroom
16) Fold and put away towels master bedroom
17) Sweep stair landing
18) Take out trash
19) Wash, dry and put away girls clothing
20) Find box for kids papers and organize

This time I took pictures, not of everything but a lot of what I did.

As usual this is how my mornings start. Yesterday was Proverbs 24. 
My morning yesterday also started with this:

This darn cold is just going around. Addie and Alex both have it and I have picked it up. I had no time and no desire to feel awful so I took the dayquil.

I started in the kitchen. It was a disaster!! We had an NFL Draft the night before with family and lots of yummy food. Believe me I would take a messy kitchen with an overflow of love over a clean kitchen any day....well mostly. Sometimes that little Martha in me freaks out. The very little Martha because I am no OCD.

And this fridge. Left overs that'll never be finished. And a few spoiled veggies. Hate when that happens! beautiful yellow kitchen :) I do adore my kitchen. 

And the cleaner, organized fridge.

This little girl at breakfast yesterday :)

I have little toddlers that loved to come in this area and just throw the papers. I was so sick of picking them up so I finally fixed the problem.

Much better! Even though my scrapbooks are still not lined up perfectly.

Master bathroom towels

And the closet. I can't be the only person who ends up with stuff on the closet floor.

We desperately need a bedskirt. Desperately!!! 
Oh and curtains. 

This lil sweetie. I love how she will play in the pack n play while I clean. Love it!!

Alex's studly jersey

Girly clothes

This is my content picture
The end of the day...

I did get everything finished. It was exhausting because I wasn't feeling my best. Maybe next week I can make it a little more challenging!

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