Tuesday, September 11, 2012

20 Chore Tuesday

My List:
1) Fold and put away master bathroom towels
2) Clean master bathroom
3) Clean master bedroom and closet
4) Vacuum master bedroom
5)Vacuum stair landing
6) Wash dry and put away kids towels
7) Clean out car
8) Wash dry and hang Alex's football clothes
9) Devotions
10) Clean tv area
11) Clean living room
12) Vacuum living room
13) Clean front room
14) Vacuum front room
15) Clean kids bathroom
16) Fridge
17) Clean microwave
18) Dishes
19) Take trash to the curb
20) Wash dry and put away mine and Doug's clothes

My morning started out a little rough. I hit the snooze button twice, meaning getting up at 7am instead of 6:30. I was still feeling drained from yesterday. The kids woke up early so no rushing around, it was actually more laid back {with them} After they got on the bus I started out cleaning. I started in the master bedroom, starting some laundry and then cleaning our bathroom. Once I got that done I finally started feeling energized. By 11:30 I had 13 items done and felt like it was kicking butt. About an hour later I felt beyond drained. I let myself sit for a little bit and then got back to work. Since Doug works from home I was able to lay Addie down while I took the car to get it swept out. By the time I was finished and had everything done except taking out the trash I remembered that my mother in law is coming tonight. I remembered when I opened the door to the office/spare room. OH CRAP! It was a disaster. OH no. I felt so drained, but was able to also complete that along with starting another load of laundry and a few other small chores.

To say I kicked butt is an understatement ;) 

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