Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Attempted but not completed

I got a late start on 20 Chore Tuesday yesterday.
I wasn't planning on even trying.
Tuesday morning I went over to a friend's apartment to help her pack since they are moving.
Then I came home and got hit with a terrible headache, that thankfully did not turn into a migraine. 
I rested a bit and then the cleaning bug hit.
I thought there's no way.
....but I'll try.

And try I did.
But I did not finish.

Here's my list:

Towels kids' bathroom
Our clothes
Our towels
Girls' clothes
Alex's clothes
Move office into the bedroom
Clean kids bathroom
Clean master bathroom
Clean master bedroom
Vacuum master bedroom closet
Vacuum master bedroom
Clean guest room
Vacuum guest room
Vacuum stairs
Vacuum stair landing
Sweep and mop front entry way
Clean up kitchen
Clean living room
Vacuum living room

Around 4:30 Douglas was still not feeling well and was headed to bed which left me to take Alex to practice. I could have finished had I not taken him to practice. We sat at the football field getting soaked, it rained the entire practice. So by the time I got home I just wanted to be warm and sit my butt on the couch. 

The towels are sitting in the dryer, ready to be put away. We'll get the office moved this morning and then I can work on cleaning the office before I babysit the little guys. And I'll {hopefully} have time this morning to get the living room finished. 

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