Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stretch It Out

No I'm not talking about exercising....I know, I know I need to....I'll get on board eventually.

But I'm talking about something deeper, deeper than outside appearances. When God stretches you -- to more of the person you're called to be. That place where you no longer feel like this invisible being. This place where you feel used. But not that bad used where you want to rip out your hair, the good used. The used that lets you know YOU {Katie} are useful.

I'm thankful to be learning this. I'm telling you guys His grace is just amazing. Still (for me) living out that grace, that is difficult. But being reminded day after day how much I am loved by the one who made me, as complicated as I am, as crazy as my thoughts....HE knows my craziness and offers me this incredible grace. Amazes me. 

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