Sunday, October 14, 2012

My weekend review

Friday our house guests all left for the weekend. To be honest, I was quite sad. Matt had drill this weekend. Cassie and Landon went to her momma's house. It's been quieter. The original plan was to get the whole house back into complete order. I have been a MAJOR slacker with cleaning lately and it just needs one of those major cleanings - you know the kind that make you delirious by the end of the day.

Friday night was uneventful, so much that Addie and I ended up doing this:

Hey - we may be crazy but fun none the less ;)

That night we had a little family movie night. The Avengers. And nachos!!! We LOVE nachos in this house. 

Saturday morning was another early morning game.

Thankfully this time I was prepared for cold weather

Addie was not very happy about being at the game Saturday morning -- this is how she acted most of the game

After the game I took a nap and it was wonderful!! I wasn't planning on it, but Addison was sleeping and the older two were watching some Boy Meets World and I conked out - naps over the weekend are always so lovely!!

Then Saturday evening I was doing this:

I love taking pictures. At one point I was trying to make it a career. And I stopped. I didn't like the pressure. I knew my work wasn't up to par --- so now I do it for me. I love it. My heart and spirit feels so happy when I take pictures and even more so when I open photoshop and get to work!! It may never be anything more than taking pictures for family and friends but now I'm ok with that. I love when I get the chance to capture and share. I love it. And for now - that's all I need from it.

This morning I got up {again} intending to clean before church, but instead started the editing of above pictures. 

And this one is my favorite:

Then we headed to church. We went early because I joined the prayer team and needed to meet all the others on the prayer team - I found my spot. My spot I belong. My spot where God can use me. A gift I have. I feel home in that little group. Yes, just after 1 day.

We had a special speaker from Destiny Rescue. Something I happen to be passionate about. It surprises me how little people know about Sex Slavery. It saddens me this truth. It sickens me how big of an industry is. And it moves our hearts. Because God said "to the ends of the earth" and people are heading there - but financial support is needed. If you can donate or sponsor a rescued child go to the link above. Or even if you want to know more because ignorance is NOT bliss. Looking away won't change that this is very real.

I hope you all have had an amazing weekend and I except multiple posts to read from you Influence ladies ;)