Thursday, October 11, 2012

The evil feeling of jealousy

I have been struggling this week.
With that yucky jealousy.
Influence Conference.
Enough said, right?! {For those not going}
I've been feeling jealous
Reading about packing and meet ups.
Oh how I wish I would've made more of an effort to plan.
To be able to go.
I wish when I knew I wanted to go
That I would have actually tried to make it happen.
But I didn't.
That's something I'm bad about.
When there's something I really want, I tend to give up and say "it's not possible"
So my consequence
Is not going.
So the ugly jealousy snuck up quickly in my spirit.
Even last night I had a dream I was there, meeting up with a new bloggy buddy.
I woke up quickly and almost started crying.
But then God spoke.
And while I am still wishing I could be there.
Every time that jealousy creeps up...instead
I pray.
I pray for my bloggy friends attending.
I am praying for the leaders.
I am praying for you beautiful ladies.

But you better believe 
I WILL be there next year!! 
Please tell me it will still be in Indiana.