Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Coffee Date I didn't really post a high school memory. 
You'll deal, right?!!

Oh and tonight we get a date night!!!!

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  1. After a bunch of clicks, somehow I landed here. I was completely sucked into your video. hahaha. That cute lil' blondie had nooooothing to do with it I'm sure. ahhaha. I'm like you, in that most of my high school memories revolve around my husband. hahaha. Yay for the movement of God in your foster care child care issues. And also Yay for your obedience to become involved in parenting foster children. What a journey. Spiritual boot camp sounds like fun! :) Gossip does hurt and words are powerful. We have to remember that what other people say does not define who we are. While it may hurt, we need to let it, remember what God says about us, and forgive those people. There usually isn't a shortage of folks who like to talk about people. So kindness, forgiveness, and maybe some barriers will be the huge weapons to combat gossip. It really really is important to remember what God says about you, then what God did for you. Forgave.

    Anyways... New follower. I'm sure I will be back. I actually had coffee in hand while we, ahem, you chatted. I must have showed up a day late, but I'm really glad I did. :) New follower, and I'm following you on Twitter too. I'll be praying for your Foster Care journey!!


    1. Thanks for visiting! So you and your hubby were high school sweethearts too?! I am so thankful I found him so young. Thank you for your prayers -- many will be needed!

  2. My Addi wanted to say "hi to the little girl!" It was so cute. I completely have (sadly) been on both ends of the gossip and made it hurts when you're on the receiving. But man God wrecked me the "last time I gossiped." Talk about an eye opener, life changer.