Wednesday, December 5, 2012


It was another one of those days.
Lack of sleep last night
Led to unrealistic expectations on myself today.
And that attitude --- I can do all the things, and I will, even if I drive myself into emotional turmoil.
I have no idea.
And then when I can't do it all.
I feel like a failure.
Not just like oh I sucked at life today.
But like I must be the worst wife, mom, auntie, human being alive.

But you know what's awesome.
Yes, there are people who are just awesome.
And those people that led me back to the truth.
Like HERE!!!!
And encouraging texts from my sister in law.
And the Almond Hershey bar my husband got for me because he knew exactly the craziness stirring in this head.

I fail.
It's never going to change.
But He loves me with a graceful love.
And they {my husband, my children, my sisters and brothers in law, my brothers, my parents, my friends...} love me. Even though my house will NEVER be spotless. Or that there will be days when my kids are no joke dirty. Even when I get so stuck in my head I can't seem to conjure up normal conversation. Or when the sink is piled high with dishes {oh can't it be Friday already so my dishwasher can be fixed}. Or when....

He. They.

I can fail.
I will always.
But His grace is enough.
Even when they don't love me.
His grace will always be sufficient in my weakness.

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