Wednesday, December 5, 2012

That Christmas Post

This time of year -- a lot are going around.
How people "do" Christmas.
"Do" or "do not do" Santa.
"Do" or highly freaked out {me} by Elf On The Shelf.

Are here's my go at this.
Year after year I begin to understand more and more how difficult parenting can be.
Those decisions.

But this...this is how we do it.
Santa doesn't come to our house, he doesn't leave gifts. 
Mom and dad do.
And Nana. And Pa. And Grandpa and MamMam. And Papaw and Nini. And Aunts & Uncles.
That's who they receive from.
We do go see Santa at the mall and take pictures.
And watch Santa movies.
And even read the real story of St. Nick.

But I want the focus to be on Jesus.
Because that's what it's about.
There can be fun and joy and laughter with the true story of Jesus.

I know there are people saying we are taking the joy out of Christmas for our kids.
But I say no way.
Jesus IS the joy!

This is our first year actually doing Advent. To be honest the first 2 days were rushed and I got a serious heart check. This can't be rushed. This has to be read softly and carefully. Explained so my 6 year old twins can start understanding the history. 

So that's my nickle in the pool of Christmas posts.
What about you? How do you "do" Christmas?

This picture with Santa is from 3 years ago. Oh my 3 years ago. When we were living in Arizona. Look at my twinies. #ohmemories

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  1. Yes! Morgan is 4, so I feel like we had to make the "does Santa come to our house decision too." We went with all the same views as you, but Santa will bring one present. We'll see how this none-santa-raised child does with that ;)