Monday, December 17, 2012


Today I have a heavy heart.
For Newtown.
For the parents.
And the grandparents.
The siblings.
Aunts, Uncles, cousins, babysitters, friends.
Today my heart is heavy.

Today I have a heavy heart.
For our military.
For their spouses. And their children.
For those that are apart this season.

Today I have a heavy heart.
For my daughter.
For her fears.
The fact that I can pray for her. And pray and pray and pray.

Today I have a heavy heart.
For those dealing with inner demons.
For the fear of talking to someone.
The thoughts that consume their minds.

Today I have a very heavy heart for the shooter's family.
I didn't really think about it till this morning.
I have a heavy heart for them.
I can only imagine how they are processing this.

Today, again, I have a heavy heart.
Eventually it will fade away.
But their memory, those "sweet little babies" {in my husband's words}
they will never fade from their parents hearts.
Today even in the heaviness, the confusion
just pray for these parents.
As the funerals start.
As they start to figure things out.

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