Friday, January 4, 2013

My word

People have been talking about their word for 2013 since before the first.
Not going to lie I felt left out. 
Why don't I have a word. I want a word too!
I knew within the deep of my "knower" that last year was GRACE
Without a doubt.
Grace upon grace upon grace.
I learned. I struggled. I cried. I was confused. I was hurt. I was loved and restored.
I kept wondering if I would receive a word.
The first of January came and nothing.
But you know something funny about God.
He doesn't work on our time. 
He works in HIS perfect time. 
He knew exactly when I needed to receive my word.

So I'm guessing you may be curious as to what it is.
Yes I fully trust and believe I will continue to learn more about grace 
but for 2013 my word is

So what about you?
Did YOU receive a word?
I'd LOVE to hear about it!!!!


  1. Replies
    1. That's a wonderful word for this year! I'll pray joy for you also!

  2. Absolutely grateful for your link up!! Awesome to see a link, but I'm floored by the scripture written under your word.. i literally JUST penned that verse into my journal as a booster for my word, Grace. He is so good at tying His princesses together :)

    I wish you all of the hope and faith you can contain this year. Yes, it's all in His time and that is the most fun and exciting part of waiting on Him. Hoping with anticipation; loving with that faith. You rock girl!! xoxo