Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Coffee Date

I will not be doing a vlog this week. 
I am a serious hot mess.
Not my usual frumpy momma hot mess,
but runny nose, sore throat, manly sounding hot mess.

So I'm just going to do you a favor and forgo the vlog.

If we were having coffee.....

~~I would most likely whine about said sickness~~
~~I would probably ask you if you've listened to the song WORDS by Hawk Nelson and if you haven't you should...I'll even help, here it is, just listen to it! ~~

~~I would probably update you on the foster care process: 
We had step one of Home Study on Tuesday.
What came out of that was A LOT of paperwork. 

Next Tuesday starts individual questions. There are 12 questions that apparently take 4 hours. ummm.....~~
~~We have received a lot of random encouragements from new friends, old friends, strangers on our journey to foster care. It has been lovely and so encouraging, because honestly there's so much negativity about it from "well-intention-ed" fools people.~~
~~I am SO.SICK.OF.WINTER. Oh how I've missed Arizona so much lately. I really hate Ohio weather, minus Ohio fall, because honestly fall in Ohio is heavenly.~~

And a little bit of heart honesty.
Lately my prayer/ talking to Jesus life has SUCKED!
Like seriously.
And I knew it was bad.
I was rushing through devotions and literally skipping prayer time after devotions.
This week finally back at it.
And the reason for the distance.
I was holding a lot of bitterness.
A lot.
Bitterness is a very nasty thing.
It was causing me to not only want to never everevereverever talk to certain people, it was also pulling me away from HIM.
And Him is the only one who can walk me through this.
I had to forgive.
Forgive the words that people have spoken.
That's all it took.
You know how people say forgiving others is not for them, but for yourself.
It kinda sounds selfish.
But that forgiving is hard to do.
Like really hard.
But once you do...
((I may have had to do the forgiving several times this week))

I'm just thankful my prayer life is rejuvenated.

If we were having coffee what would you tell me??
How was your week?
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  1. Ahhhh....I took the plunge and did it!!! Only because I saw sad you didn't get to do it today. Feel better!

    1. Also, I can totally relate to the prayer issues. It's always been a struggle for me. My husband just finished reading the Circle Maker. I want to read that books soon. It's all about prayer and he said it's one of the most powerful books he's ever read on prayer.