Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tell Me Twensday

What is Twensday you ask?
It's a mix between Tuesday & Wednesday because I completely forgot yesterday to post a Tell Me Tuesday post.
And now I understand why people write scheduled posts in their planners.

So for this week which will be
Tell Me Twensday.....

Do you play games?
Board games? Computer games? Video games?
And what is your favorite?

We are a family of playing. We love games. We even have the closet in our spare bedroom FULL of board games. My favorite board game is Dominion. But a new game we have is Telestrations which is also lots of fun.

With the kids our favorite is King of Tokyo.

Have your ever played these? Do you love to play games? What are your favorites? We are always open to try new board games.

1 comment:

  1. We had a big Domion kick last year, but we just don't have much down time together as a family sadly. We're always on the go working different shifts and adding extra kids on the weekends. Maybe when life "slows down a little."