Thursday, February 14, 2013


Oh yes this is THAT Valentine's Day post where I share a bunch of us pictures.
Oh yes and I shall explain every goofy, lovely, us picture to you ;)

Mount Vernon Nazarene University PSU
We went through a phase where we played A LOT of pool.

We got engaged New Years Eve 2004.
This is one of our engagement pictures a couple months before we got married.

My favorite picture from our wedding.
That pastor right there. Him and his wife mean the world to us.
He was our youth pastor. His wife, a woman I will always look up to as a wonderful example of a godly wife and mother. A women who does not hide behind her faults but extends grace to herself and others around her.

Dancing at our reception.

This is called we have 5 month old twins and are barely surviving.

The only anniversary we actually celebrated. Alex and Olivia were born the day after our first anniversary.
This was right before their first birthday (I struggled being gone and we haven't done this since)
Oh we went to Myrtle Beach.

At the family reunion.
This was the most terrible year.
The twins were two....enough said.
Traveling + messed up schedules + tired parents = rough!

The Mr's 21st birthday.

This was Thanksgiving.
We were at his parents

No truer statement.
He loves me.
Mess and all.
He has had to deal with A LOT of damage.
Times over and over I just wanted to run away and not try. 
He did not let me.
That time I decided God did not exist, he fought.

I am so thankful for him.
I am beyond spoiled to be his wifey.

While living in Arizona.
That was a time of growing. Big time.
This. Right here. 
Was months after the storm.
When we had to make the choice to love.
This is one of my all time favorite pics of us. 
I know it looks like he has me in a headlock
but this is just a picture of the protection I feel with him.

We flew back to Ohio for a visit and a wedding.
I had just lost 60 pounds. 
Working back to that and then some.

I moved back to Ohio with the kids and without Douglas.
No we were fine, but he was just finishing school and we had decided we wanted to be back near our family in Ohio.
This was when he came in for another wedding.

New Years Eve 2010.
We had our little Addie Boo growing in my belly. 

On the way to his brother's wedding.

So we bought a be built.
HUGE step for us.
We moved all.the.time.
I hated it, he hated it.
We found our HOME.

Closing day!!!!!

When we had that date where we went to Indianapolis.
We ate for the first time at the Melting Pot. Oh my Yum.
And then to that hotel room with the pool inside.

We are nowhere near the perfect couple.
But boy are we perfect for each other.
I love this man more and more and more every year.

I thank God for him.


  1. My due date with my Addi was our anniversary! I had her two weeks before. So fun seeing the journey. I turned 21 when I was pregnant with Addi, so you guys must have got married young too. Great post! {Sorry for the randomness of the comment}

    1. We were 19 when we got married, so yes, definitely young.

    2. I was engaged at 19, married at 20 (pregnant 2/3 months later), and first baby at barely 21. I wouldn't trade it for the world!