Tuesday, March 5, 2013

That one little sentence

Two weeks ago I received paperwork from school, like every other day. 
But this paperwork Alex & Liv were excited about.
They were going to have a moon walk at school.
They were so excited about making space hats out of milk cartons. 
Of course the walks were on separate days, some days I loathe having them in separate classes.
Olivia's was scheduled a week after. A few days later new paperwork came from Alex's class that their walk was changed.
In my head Olivia's was still after Alex's.
But only in my head was it true.
Yesterday I was informed of the truth

I was the only one in class without a space helmet.

Talk about crush.
I failed Olivia.
I made her feel left out.
I made her feel like she didn't belong.
It broke me.
I didn't want to even think about it, even though Alex wouldn't dare let me forget. 

We still needed to make Alex's space helmet. 
And we made Olivia's hat too.
I may have failed her Monday.
But not today.
Today we had our own moon walk.
Oh we also visited Mars and defeated the aliens.

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