Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Coffee Date

I'm linking up with Alyssa for Friday Coffee Date

{I think this is the first time the frame doesn't look scary}

Small victories are great, huh?!!

I completely forgot to share a few things:
-If you are hurting and want prayer let me know, recently feeling strongly about praying for those hurting. 
-The ab challenge --- HERE
-The verse that even when I'm unfaithful He is always faithful, for he cannot deny Himself is proving huge lately

If we were having coffee today what would you tell me?


  1. Love it girl!! Congrats on the HUGE victories!!! I totally needed accountability for Ab Ripper X because you're so sore for days you want to never do it again. So glad you're doing it. You're doing awesome!

    1. I am just so thankful for the encouragement you give me daily! You are a gem

  2. Katie, your small victory is SO GREAT! Seriously. I love the way you are so comfortable in front of the camera...felt like I was seriously having a conversation with you! Thanks for stopping by my blog today - it was so encouraging to read your comment. Yay for blogs! :-) I'm excited to get to know you more, lady.

    1. Oh Hannah that is so sweet of you, so thankful you felt welcomed!