Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Coffee Date

Today would be my first coffee date without the video, sorry folks, just ain't happening today.


If we were having coffee together I'd tell you .....

I am just so thankful Addison's fever is gone.  Last evening a little before 5 all the sudden she started acting not like herself and had a low grade fever. I was nervous since we have a plane to get on tomorrow morning. I would hate the thought of her not being able to go. So prayer. But not just some random prayer. That peaceful God is in control prayer. And she has been fever free since last night around 8pm.
God is good guys, like seriously!!!

You need to go here --->Beautiful & Beloved Boutique. My beautiful friend, Amber is using talent + that desire to be more than just live through the motions of life.

This week I'm struggling. My workouts have been lame and my eating, well, let's just say I do not feel at my best. It's these times that I truly realize the impact food has on our bodies.

I'm in one of those funks. The funk where you know God is calling you to more, or to change but you'd rather keep your ears closed. And in this place of learning. Learning that God does present us with knowledge of things to come. 

"and new things I declare; before they spring into being I announce them to you" Isaiah 42:9b

I majorly struggle with listening to God and having faith in what He is telling me. Struggling with it must just all be in my head. 

I'm linking up with Alyssa from Rags To Stitches for Friday Coffee Date.
If we were having coffee what would you tell me?


  1. Oh girl, those last few things about the impact of food and of wanting to close your ears to God, those realllyyy resonate with me. I am constantly amazed at how much food impacts me. I have seen it spiral into other forms of sin, if I don't treat my body right and feel crumby, I run to other idols for comfort. Blah, nasty cycle.

    But it's a cycle that I've watched God set me free of, and that makes me sooo happy. I've been hearing some callings from Him that I want to close my ears to, too. Let's be fearless together, shall we? :)

  2. I love this blog and this post! God is our strength!!!