Sunday, June 16, 2013

Addie Boo Turns TWO!!!!

Our baby turns 2 years old today.
Birthdays are always so full of emotion.

Oh yes, you had better prepare yourself for two year epic cuteness!!!!

 No, she's not a twin...that's just her 3 days older than her cousin

 OH we struggled. STRUGGLED with breastfeeding. But she was the "little is better than nothing" baby. So I nursed and then supplemented with formula. This was one of those sweet times that she nursed and fell asleep with that smile. 


Addison is so silly.
She makes a laugh all the time.
She's a great sleeper, I know I know,
I got spoiled with her.
She loves to sing.
She loves to dance.
She is a talker.
She loves to swing.
She will eat just about anything.
Her favorite book is "frew and frew"
She loves Elmo, Pooh, & Tigger.
Her new favorite toys to play with are her Bubba's cars.

We are so blessed by this little lady.


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  1. Happy Birthday, Addie! What a sweet baby!!! XO