Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Coffee Date

I'm linking up with Alyssa for Friday Coffee Date

If we were having coffee what would you tell me?


  1. 1. You run. There for your a runner. And if we lived closer I would run with you. 2. You're so sweet to say hi to Addi. I can't wait to show her after nap time.

    If we were having coffee I would tell you I can't have coffee because my stomach is so upset. All day long. It's not fun. And it's crazy around our house with cousins and kids. So I need some serious prayers for rest. And that I can get my long run in tomorrow.

    I'm so excited about your foster care almost being done. Evan and I have been having lots of conversations lately about if we're done having kids and only adopting or if we'll try to have one more. Exciting times!

    1. I've talked to several people in that should we have more or go deeper with adoption, it's a huge step, but just keep focused on God and He will direct you!!

      I hope you're feeling better!

  2. "I have to trust God in all of this... because sometimes I just want to do it." SO much truth in that. Love your honest heart. I can totally relate. It can be so HARD - but so rewarding to let go and let God. You are inspiring!!! God is going to bless your family so much for taking care of His "little ones" that need a home. XO