Tuesday, July 16, 2013


This word has been a major taunting in our minds lately.
I started thinking upon what exactly it means to fail and more importantly failing in Jesus' eyes.

- - - - 
It's a yucky, terrible word.
You know when people talk about a word or words they hate, I always thought there wasn't really a word I hate.
I now have a word I hate.
For the meaning. For what it means to a child or children. And that sometimes it just has to happen.

The past few days disruption & failure have been a major theme.
It's been hard. Very hard. Yesterday was a day spent crying and not being able to fully talk about all the swirling & head bashing my insides were doing.
 I was so beyond disgusted with those close to us being so supportive & understanding. I just wanted someone to tell me I screwed up & that Jesus was disappointed in me.
No, that's not a usual response to life
But yesterday, that is exactly how I felt.

How could He not be disappointed me?
How could He not be mad at me?


By the dictionary we failed

The condition or fact of not achieving 
the desired end or ends

But God's word says

"My grace is sufficient for YOU, for 
My power is made perfect in weakness" 
-2 Corinthians 12:9

There are two things I know
1. Doug & I made one of the hardest decisions we have ever had to make 
2. I can't and may never see the big picture but I know who does


  1. I cant stand that word and its been knocking at my door for years now. and esp this week. I refuse to answer.


    1. Such an ucky word to have to think about sometimes

  2. I was feeling like this not too long ago, and I wrote a post about what God thinks of me: http://www.thegirlwholovedtowrite.com/2013/01/what-god-thinks-about-me.html

    It's amazing how much your perspective can change when you dwell on the things HE says about you rather than the things you are feeling from the world's standpoint.

    Have a lovely week, friend.