Friday, August 2, 2013

In the middle of this crazy mess I remember I am blessed

Today just happens to be one of those days where I seriously question my mothering.

The day started with me oversleeping and three precious children on the couch snacking on cheez-its. Sweet at first minus the fact that Boo desperately needed a diaper change which left a pee stained couch. Ok I can handle that, O just wanted to be little momma and take care of her in the morning. 

And then the clingy-ness. Oh man. Boo is getting her two year old molars {I figured from what this week has been like with her, confirmed this afternoon when I took the risky move of putting my finger in to check..ouch by the way!} and she is super dee duper clingy. Making toast for A & O ended up being the most tragic thing I could do to Boo. 

I begged
To come over so her boy could distract Boo so I could finally have a cup of coffee, instead she did the holding and I was finally able to have a quick bowl of cereal and some MUCH NEEDED coffee.

And the A & O were refusing to clean their rooms. And bickering. And just plain out driving me insane.

Then there's the poop I had to clean. What poop?
.......Walked in to the room to get Boo up from her nap and she was a nakey baby. Poop diaper off and all over the place.

Then cleaning the kids bathroom...seriously why in the world is there tooth paste in the door jam & pink sand all over the floor.

Let's just say I was starting to feel like I just might explode. 
But then the gentle reminder. I am blessed. I have a little that is teething who just wants snuggles from her momma, twins which in itself is a beautiful blessing, a husband who is crazy in love with me, a home to clean, food to eat, toothpaste so my children can with some effort brush their teeth...I could go on and on.

While some days I feel like it's all too much I am thankful for this chaotic life that leaves me begging for more of Jesus and His strength.


  1. Yea it's times like that I'm going thru now that I realize I'm blessed. Hope you have a great day.

  2. Bless your heart for being so open and honest with us! It's amazing how the moments where it feels like we're dropping all 10,000 balls that we're holding is the moment when His grace becomes SO real to us.

    Praying that you have a blessed weekend, friend!