Thursday, August 15, 2013

That song, that moment

This song some of you may not know because you didn't get the privilege of being a 16 year old girl during Barlow Girl's prime spotlight time.

They had some great songs that could speak to that teen christian girl's heart. I loved their music.

This one was always tough for me because how can you not listen to it and remember at the core, THIS, surrendering to Jesus is SO important and necessary in our walk with Him. We can't fully live life with our spouse without trust, we can't fully live our lives with our children without laughing and we can't fully live our lives with Jesus without surrender.

Enjoy & allow God to remind you of this beautiful act of worship. 

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  1. Surrender is SO key to our walk with the Lord. It's the reason it took me forever to truly fall in love with Jesus, because I was SO afraid to surrender my life.

    Realizing that He is trustworthy, and only has good plans for you, is the sweetest and most life changing thing that I have experienced. Thank you for sharing this song :) It reminded me sooo much of when I first surrendered it all.

  2. What a wonderful reminder to surrender. Girl, this song spoke straight to my soul today. I've been doing a lot of dreaming, but remembering that I need to lay myself (and my dreams) at His feet so that His plans can be obeyed is so key. Thank you for sharing this song with me! :)

  3. this is oh so true. it's hard sometimes to surrender what we hold so dearly close, but each and every time we do, He is so faithful to do beautiful things with it all. thank you for sharing it with us Katie! it was beautiful!

  4. surrender is so imperative to a walk with Christ. I love Barlow Girl!