Monday, August 5, 2013


How we made the transition from crib to toddler bed. 
{Secret, it's MUCH easier with one baby than two.}

My tips are simple but consistency is key!
Have a routine.
We start preparing Boo for bed by jammies & snuggles. Then we tell her it is bedtime. 
I usually take her to bed (mostly because I don't like not being the one to put her to bed)
I talk to her about sleeping in her big girl bed. That part should be a big deal the first week or so.
I put her in her bed, cover her up and we pray.
She is growing up because now she even wants to pray some nights. I have no idea what she is saying but seriously it is so precious.

Now this next part....
When starting I would remind tell her she had to stay in her big girl bed.
Then I would step out of the room and shut the door, but not all the way so I could see her. Because the first 1-2 weeks is this learning time. I stayed up by her room until she would fall asleep. Every time she got up I would tell her to get back in her bed. At the beginning this can last awhile. Our longest night was an hour & a half. But keep with it!!

Now when she gets into bed she will talk to Curious George or Minnie Mouse and then fall asleep. 

What are your tips for toddler bed sleeping?

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