Sunday, August 18, 2013

Turn anger into grace

Today I walked into church angry because someone wasn't lining up to my standards. And I got smacked right in the face. This stems from THIS -- feel free to watch it. This is a video where one of my pastors calls everyone dumb, because we all kinda are ;)

Because sometimes I forget.
I forget grace.
Instead I feed into the anger that starts to boil...

....when a driver cuts me off. When I hear something a family member said about my husband, me or my children. When someone meanly speaks hurtful words to ones I love. When my children whine. When my husband neglects to fit into these stupid standards my mind has made up. 

"If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone {yes, your aunt who has no filter, the neighbor who insists on blaring music out of his jeep at 10 pm after you finally just got your sleep fighting toddler to sleep, that person who grinds your nerves every time they open their mouth} EVERYONE! 
Romans 12: 18

When it comes to dealing with anger PRACTICE how you deal with people. My pastor compared handling anger like driving. When we were 15 1/2 we learned to drive by driving. We can learn to deal with anger in the midst of dealing with anger. Take small steps.

Here's a little graph shared of how anger is dealt normally and how Jesus wants us to handle it

"Train yourself to think so you can 
turn your anger into grace"

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