Sunday, September 29, 2013

Influence Conference (part 1)

I was excited. Nervous. Ready. So not ready.

I arrived at the parking garage a little after 1:00 on Friday afternoon. I finally found a free spot in the parking garage and then I got my luggage out and headed on my walk to the hotel. If you don't know me I am terrible with directions. TERRIBLE I tell ya. Which means I got lost on the way to the hotel twice. On the way to the hotel I saw a beautiful sight, Melody Joy & Phoebe, I was all determined to go right up to her and talk. And then I froze. Yep. Like I literally couldn't talk and stopped walking. It hit me. This is real life. These are women I know, but don't know. I felt so silly. I got to the hotel, when I finally found it, and checked in. I got my room cards and saw Amy {which by the way her blog is sweet home sb not sweethomes b ;)} and froze again. I knew I just needed to get to the room. I was sweating from walking around lost in Indy & being so overwhelmed. I chugged water and sat. 

I then text...texted...umm, you get the idea Kara Kae to see if she needed any help. And then I layed on the bed and cried. I wanted to go home. 

Then the beautiful ding from my iphone that I recieved a text message. It was from Kara Kae that she could use my help.
I needed to keep my mind busy.

And then she hugged me. That's it. She hugged me and all the tension and fear I was feeling was fell off so quickly.

(Part 1 of how many I feel led to write...more to come)
And don't worry, it's gets really GOOD, because He is GOOD.


  1. aaaah I LOVED SEEING YOU!!! Missing the weekend already, especially my roomies, you and Brittany. I twas too much to actually get to hang with you and just be girls :) Cannot wait to read more! xo

  2. I totally relate to being introverted..I hope you ended up having an incredible weekend!