Friday, October 25, 2013

A beat behind

We go to a church that is part of a church. It's a satellite church in a movie theater. Who would have thought this girl would do that. When I was younger, church was in a church building and that's where it stayed. Amen for a God at work?!
Where we go it's small, it's intimate and even when you don't know names & stories you know faces. Or in this case his voice. There is a man at our church, he's a grandpa. He has such a sweet face and is kind to everyone, plus he thinks my girl's curls rule the world. But my absolute favorite thing about this man is when he worships. He has a beautiful voice but he's always a beat or two behind. For some reason I love it. I wasn't sure why, but the more I stood a few rows behind the more God started working in my heart. 

1. He worships without care. He doesn't care that he's behind, it's him + Jesus. 
2. I so get this with motherhood.

So often in life, but especially in motherhood, I always feel two beats behind. I can either crumble and cry and throw a fit or dance in it. Enjoy it. And smile to just be the mother I am. 

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