Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 10 {Never too much & always enough}

Today I don't want to share my words, today I want to share these words.
These words may be coming out of a man's mouth but know the heart of it all comes from the One who loves YOU wholly.

Even if you have watched it 10 times, watch it again.

If you haven't watched it watch. And again. And again.

Be empowered. This is who you are. It's not about being better, but being more needy of Jesus (an awesome new concept I learned at Influence) 

If you are struggling today, He loves you. He sees you. He wants conversation with you. 
Motherhood can make us feel lost. Needed yet invisible. But momma He sees you.
He sees you when you rise needing that first cup of coffee, holding you after you lose your temper with one of your children. He sees you when you cry because you feel like this marriage keeps getting more confusing. He sees you when that ministry you have poured your heart into seems to be going nowhere. 

He sees you as you are, right in this moment, and he calls you
His beloved. 


  1. katie, i needed those words today. for my marriage, motherhood and ministry. i so needed that.

  2. WHOA. I've never seen that video before. Gave me CHILLS. Thanks for sharing!!